25 enero, 2019
World crisis structural and triple crisis in the United States

The political institutional crisis that runs through the government of the United States is compounded and combined by the financial economic crisis of the outbreak of the great financial bubble that was forged, since January 2009, with the Obama-Clinton government’s strategy and financial globalism in the federal reserve called quantitative easing (QE). That meant issuing trillions of dollars (85 trillion / month, plus purchase of the junk debts of the big banks, all at a rate of 0%, that is, a self-gift) without support in the real economy, so that they can buy back their actions and thus increase their financial value, acquire at a rate 0% debts of the big banks to clean them up, which meant that the costs were paid by the people of the USA and the companies of the real North American economy.

To these two crises is added a third, which is the crisis in the international reserve currency, the petro-dollar crisis that governed the world economy from 1973 until today. A world reserve currency that organized the world trade exchange and which today is in crisis because the gold standard alternative also emerges, not as a return to the dollar backed by gold but in gold as a backing for a multipolar basket of currencies that includes the yuan-gold and also Dollar-gold.

Three major crises that are articulated to a fourth that makes the structural crisis in global power, which is no longer focused on continental unipolarism centered in the United States with its financial corporations and military industrial complex. Three major crises that go through and shock the United States

Three major crises in the US, in a world that has already shifted its axis of production for the real US economy to China, from the Anglo-American pole to peaceful Asia, from financial unipolarism to productive multipolarism, from the petro-dollar pattern to the gold standard.

Crises that shocked all nations and peoples; that shocks and reorient the demands of food and energy; that shake communication technologies and ways of doing politics; that shake the ideologies and formation of subjectivities and, therefore, the theories of power. It begins to be evident with the return of peoples and nations to mobilization and the streets, to the debate on the daily, the national and the international. In a world where there is already the decline of the central countries and the central powers. Where the peoples and nations of the world are already considering their confrontation against these elitist minorities.

Minorities locked in the skyscrapers of that network of financial cities where they multiply their bonds that world 1% of owners and CEOs of financial power.

Walter Formento / Wim Dierckxsens

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